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Continental Drift

Future Predictions

Effects Of Continental Drift
Plate Tectonics
Types Of Plate Movement
Future Predictions
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Many scientists have many different predicitions about the effects of continental drift in our near future.

Some predict that the plates are drifting towards their original locations, so over a period of time all the continents are going to form into one big continent again. This will obviously have a huge effect on the lives of the many different types of organisms. However for this to occur , it will take a huge amount of time, and who knows if humans will even survive that long.

Scientists also predict that as the continents are drifting, it is going to have a major effect on the climate and weather conditions of earth. Also the you will see the diversity of organisms increase as they going to be isolated due to teh drifting. Scientist also hope they can find the secrets of the causes of the earthquakes and tsunamis by studying continental drift.