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Continental Drift


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On this page i will show you the evidence of continental drift, and how it has affected us in many situations.......


Glossopteris, This was the dominant plant of Gondwana. It is a tree-like plant from the Permian through the Triassic Period. It consisted tongue-shaped leaves and was about 12 ft tall. This plant proved to be one of the first pieces of evidence which proved the theory of "Continental Drift". This tree is found throughout India, South America, southern Africa, Australia, and Antarctica which lead scientist Eduard Suess to believe that there was a land bridge between South America, Africa, India, Australia, and Antarctica.

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Evidence Of The Effect Of Continental Drift On The Evolution Of Animals........

As I have explained before how Continental drift affected the evolution of animals is through the process of isolated speciation. Because the continents broke up and separated, members of the same species were genetically isolated. Which means they could not reproduce among each other. And pressures coming from natural selection and with the help of a long period of time helped to change and mold and fashioned these animals to fit more into their surroundings. You eventually have species who are so different from each other that you cannot even breed them anymore.

An example of this is the differences between Plancental and Marsupial mammals. Before 130 million B.C. the land mass of Gondwanaland was the home to many types of mammals. Thanks to plate tectonics it was split in two to create modern day South America and Australia. Any mammals called Gondwanaland their home and after it split, two very different types of mammals emerged. One kind of mammals were the placental mammals, the order to which you belong. And the other type is called Marsupial mammals, these evolved into modern day mammals like kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, wombats and tasmanian devils. They have a pouch in which they carry their infant. But the point here is Marsupial mammals only exist in Australia, except for the oppossum which is found in some parts of south america. The answer to this is that species were isolated geographically, and they started to evolve over times but differently because they did not live in the same environments and that is why you see the variety between placental and marsupial mammals.


Evidence Of The Effect Of Continental Drift On Earthquakes And Disasters

The evidence of this is clear as we witnessed the tragic disaster which came from the south asian Tsunamis and Earthquakes. This is evidence because scientists explained that the earthquakes were the results of two plates colliding. One was the India Plate, The other was the Burma Plate. The India Plate is part of the Indo-Australian plate which is drifting northeast at 6cm/year. The India Plate subducted the Burma Plate. Increasing temperature and pressure turns the subducting edge of the India Plate into magma which eventually pushes the magma above it out through the volcanoes. This process is interrupted by the locking of the plates for several centuries until the build up of stress causes their release resulting in a massive earthquake and tsunami. The Tsunamis occur from the collding force of the plates which are underneath the sea. The sudden vertical motion of the seabed by the earthquake displaced massive volumes of water, resulting in a tsunami that struck the coasts of the Indian Ocean. A tsunami which causes damage far away from its source is sometimes called a "teletsunami", and is much more likely to be produced by vertical motion of the seabed than by horizontal motion.